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Founder & Coach

Philippe Grégoire

Fitness tip: Move the way your body is designed to.
Fan of: Functional Training ; improve functional stability, mobility and coordination. Reinforce the driving chains of the body and integrate trained muscular development into movement.
Always ready to: Introduce fun innovative training techniques into each session!
Worked as: A Personal Fitness Trainer in charge of coaching other Personal Trainers (wellness centre Luxembourg), A Physical Education Teacher (Education nationale, France), Golf Trainer for the Luxembourgish Federation.
Training history: Ski instructor responsible for the technical and physical training for the SCVR team (top 12 cross country ski team in France), national Skier (Equipe Comité des Vosges, France), Amateur Golfer first serie. Trained at competition level in Ski Mountaineering, Running and Volleyball.
Diplomas: D.U.E.P.P. (European University Diploma of Physical Preparation), CAPEPS, Honours Degree in STAPS, Brevet d’Etat de moniteur national de ski nordique (Prémanon, France),TPI Golf Fitness Instructor Certification, Certification Golf-Fit Instructor (Vevey, Switzerland), Certification Bodypump Instructor LesMills (Luxembourg).


Étienne Clausse

Fitness tip: Free the body to free the mind.

Fan of: Training centred on the clients weak spots to allow as efficient a progression as possible, thus improving their physical condition and their mental well-being thanks to specific exercises combining pleasure and performance.
Always ready to: Involve the client in coming up with targetted and motivating exercises.
Worked as: PE teacher (Brussels), swimming and theater instructor, psychomotor therapist, sports training course organiser (athletics, multisports, floorball, soccer,, mountain bike), educator (Luxembourg City), physical trainer for golfers, personal trainer (Luxembourg).
Training history: Volleyball player National 2 level, soccer player Provincial 1 level, rugby university team, swimming, judo, running and triathlon competitor.
Diplomas: Agrégé in PE section of inferior secondary education, water rescuer certificate, first aid certificate, windsurfing certificate, group leader certification in artificial wall climbing.


Irina Derbina-Karotom

Fitness tip: Strength and flexibility are key to your well-being.
Fan of: Revealing hidden abilities, developing skills, driving ordinary individuals and high-level athletes to their maximum potential.
Always ready to: Devise a large variety of new and original exercises suited to your level.
Worked as: Master Class for Mexican skaters, Master Class for Estonian skaters, Fleur Maxwell (Lux) Trainer, Coach for National skaters teams of France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden and Spain (Courchevel, Fra), Figure skating study course (Boston, USA), Figure skater for Holiday on Ice, Member of Russian Figure Skating National team.
Training history: Figure skating coach (MA), worked in Finland, Russia, France (national team skaters), Luxembourg (national team skater), composition and choreography specialist, Russian champion (special programs), Russian champion (Juniors), European Cup of Minsk winner (Belarus), Russian Cup champion, Swindon Cup winner (Great Britain).
Diplomas: Master’s degree in Figure skating and sports (St.-Petersburg State University of Physical Culture), St.-Petersburg State Physical Culture and Sports, Economics and Technology College.


Irina Savchenko

Fitness Tip: Your body will always tell you what it needs, all you have to do is learn to listen.
Fan of: Healthy lifestyle — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Coaching and advising people on changing their lifestyle, diet, and habits, for the better – all with the help of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Seeing people reach their full potential whether physically or otherwise, and their dreams come true.
Always ready to : Talk about sports and hobbies. Create personalized, fun, and challenging yoga and yoga therapy classes!
Worked as: Yoga Teacher.
Training History: Ballet, classical gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, track & field, salsa dance, yoga.
Diplomas: Certified Elemental Yoga Teacher; Certified Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher.


Stéphanie El Basri

Fitness tip: Don’t cross your limits — push them.
Fan of: Personal development through sports, balance in and through movement.
Always ready to: Work with precision and creativity to guide the individual towards their optimal well-being and performance.
Worked as: Women’s artistic gymnastics trainer, fitness coach, dancer, choregrapher and dance teacher (hip-hop, ragga jam dancing)individual dance teacher (techincal and mental support). Worked for Nike dance projects, danced in Reebok events, taught in gym Club Med.
Training history: National-level gymnast, dancer and choregrapher for numerous French and international stages.
Diplomas: Sports Educator — gymnic activities State Degree.



Fitness tip: Men sana in corpore sana

Fan of: helping people to improve their performance and achieve their sporting goals.

Always ready to: offering short, intense, quality workouts that give great satisfaction.

Worked as: Former professional football player. Personal fitness coach specialising in electro-stimulation.

Training history: Professional football player. Player in the Portuguese U18 national team.

Diplomas: University of Sport and Lazer. Personal Trainer Certification. Weight Loss Exercise Certification.


Yvan Rancon

Fitness tip: Healthy means much more than disease-free.
Fan of: Lifestyle coaching, integrating movement, nutrition, recovery and mental development into the life of clients. Working and training in all modalities of fitness (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy). Integrating a wide variety of intensely performed functional movements.
Always ready to: Speak about health, “how to move and eat to be healthy”.
Worked as: Manager and trainer (Fitness B28 Luxembourg). A personal fitness trainer in charge of coaching other personal trainers (fitness B28 and wellness center Luxembourg). Animator of different seminars (EIB, European Commission, JP Morgan, Atoz Fideos). Has trained more than 500 clients over the past 15 years.
Training history: National cyclist (team Rhônes-Alpes, France), Triathlete long distance (half ironman PR 4h33, qualified for world championship).
Diplomas: BEES métiers de la forme, Crossfit level 2 trainer, Crossfit endurance trainer, TRX certified trainer, Vipr certified trainer, Bodypump, RPM and CXWorx certified instructor, LesMills Certified Coach.


Gino Antoine

Fitness tip: For a high-end wellness, train as a high performer.
Fan of: Bodyweight and Functional Training: Improving your cardio performances and general physical condition with technical and natural body movements, to enhance the natural stability, mobility and coordination of your body.
Always ready to: Keep up the fun to help people stay determined and focused on their goals.
Worked as: Personal Fitness Trainer specialised in physical conditioning of high-level athletes (individual or team training), Athletics Trainer (Celtic Diekirch & Luxemburg National Team) since 2001.
Training history: Education at the INSEP (Institut national des sports et de l’éducation professionnelle) from 1989 to 1996, Champion of the Junior French National Championship of Hurdles (1991), Vice-Champion of the African Athletics Championships of Decathlon (1992), two participations in the Olympic Games (Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta 1996) in Decathlon.
Diplomas: BEE (Brevet d’État d’Entraîneur) of Athletism (Paris, France), Paul Chek Certificate (San Diego, USA), Personal Fitness Trainer certification from Fitness Academy (Bruxelles, Belgium), Nutrition Actiweight certification (Germany).



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