Fitness tip:

Healthy means much more than disease-free.

Fan of: Lifestyle coaching, integrating movement, nutrition, recovery and mental development into the life of clients. Working and training in all modalities of fitness (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy). Integrating a wide variety of intensely performed functional movements.
Always ready to: Speak about health, "how to move and eat to be healthy".
Worked as: Manager and trainer (Fitness B28 Luxembourg). A personal fitness trainer in charge of coaching other personal trainers (fitness B28 and wellness center Luxembourg). Animator of different seminars (EIB, European Commission, JP Morgan, Atoz Fideos). Has trained more than 500 clients over the past 15 years.
Training history: National cyclist (team Rhônes-Alpes, France), Triathlete long distance (half ironman PR 4h33, qualified for world championship).
Diplomas: BEES métiers de la forme, Crossfit level 2 trainer, Crossfit endurance trainer, TRX certified trainer, Vipr certified trainer, Bodypump, RPM and CXWorx certified instructor, LesMills Certified Coach.