30 or 60 min sessions. Your NEAT personal trainer will insist on:



The human body is built to move. A sedentary life or inadequate training can disturb the balance of the muscular slings. A NEAT training experiment helps you discover or improve your movement skills. More flexible, more stable, your body becomes the best tool for your own sustainable development. Health and performance increase, in a natural way.


Quality rather than quantity. All recent scientific researches show a better impact of highly intensity and short training sessions compared with long and moderate exercise, regardless of your goals: wellness, weight loss, conditioning, strength training... 
Whilst not denying the value of jogging, hiking or biking, but the results from properly executed high intensity training cannot be underestimated.


Trainers are recruited for their high certification level AND for their human qualities: not torturers, but rather coaches who pay attention to your personal concerns.


Far away from the noise of a Gym, everything that might be needed is offered to you: towels for training and showering, fresh water, wellness space... your session covers more than just the basics.