A unique concept : the Functional Training Circuit

Practical – Fast – Incredibly effective – Fun – Original.

In addition to your Personal Fitness Training sessions, NEAT gives you access to a complementary training in its Preisch premises, thanks to the first Functional Training Circuit, that offers you both autonomous training conditions and highly effective exercises.


Your smart phone allows you to follow the circuit, step by step, watching the videos of each exercise:  you choose your training type (Flexibility & Mobility, Reinforcement & Cardio, or Golf Training) and flash the relevant code.

Watch the video of the exercise, and off you go!




You just have to let the rhythm of the flashing lights on the ground guide you to alternate effort, rest and exercise switches.


A question? A problem?

Relax: your coach is available, on site or by phone, and ready to help!

Now it's up to you!